Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Amanda you ROCK!!!!

This is Amanda rocking out to Maestro Fresh Wes's "Let your Backbone Slide." I have to say she clearly was the HOTTEST girl on stage!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I love my friends!

Saturday night was my going away shindig, and my very dear friend Amanda organized for us to go and see Maestro Fresh Wes for retro night. We were all supposed to dress up in something retro-ish but only a few of the girls did. I'm not a party pooper, but I just didn't have time to get a costume.

Here are Amanda and Sarah wearing awesome costumes. Amanda is a flapper and Sarah is (according to me) either Olivia Newton John in Xanadu, or Pat Benetar. Either way she looked awesome in the sparkly one piece. I giggled every time I looked at her. Brandy and Jenn also dressed up as 80's rockers or dancers or Flashdance extras. I wanted to break out in the dance from Flashdance where she is working out in her legwarmers in her loft. In the pic you can't see the leg warmers, but trust me they are there. I couldn't lie about leg warmers! As for the rest of us,well we just looked cute in our dancing clothes. But Fiona gets an honourable mention for her florescent orange 70's top she got from her mom. Far out!

And here is a picture of the rest of us, not dressed up but still looking awesome!

Before we went out dancing we had an awesome dinner at Kinki's downtown in the market for sushi and other Japanese food. It was delicious and then we made our way to the bar where we immediately started to laugh our asses off at the costumes. Especially the guy who dressed up as Facebook. To most of our surprises there were a lot of people dressed up. And us girls immediately made some friends with the "race car drivers." They were good fun, and pretty excited to hang out with 11 awesome girls, or my entourage as I called them all night.

I have a video of Amanda on stage with Maestro Fresh Wes but blogger is not letting me post it right now. I am going to try again later. So check back to see it. It's pretty cute! She's having a blast!

I had an awesome time out with everyone and I guess it just makes leaving that much more bittersweet. Although I had this great time, I am leaving it all, for who knows how long. But that is why I have such awesome friends. I know that being away won't change any of that. So thanks girls for coming out and shaking your butts to awesome 80's tunes. My feet hurt so bad at the end of the night. But it was worth it.

I love and will miss you all. Keep in touch......'cause you know I'll be back to hunt you all down if you don't!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

India : A Dream Come True

Welcome to my blog. I've been reading other blogs and thinking to myself, I think I need to start my own. I plan on moving to Korea in a few months and so this will be a great way for people at home, friends and family to keep up with my adventures.

I plan to go to Korea to work and save money to save for my masters. But I've done the Korea thing before. I went last time for the experience and to travel, and I did just that, hitting up China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore while I was there. And in all honesty I had a love-hate relationship with Korea. This time I plan to go to Seoul (the heart of Korea IMO) and now my eyes are wide open to what the country has to offer, so I think my experiences will be different this time around. In different, I mean better.

But first up, my long awaited trip to India. I have had this trip planned forever (since May). I leave in 8 days. It's a place I have always wanted to go, and now it's happening.
It's funny because when I tell people I am going to India, they look at me funny and ask, "why India."

"Because it's going to be awesome!"

What else can I say? If people are not open to India or Asia then nothing I am going to say is going to suddenly make them fascinated by the country.

Here is a map of India and I have outlined (in my very kiddie drawing) cirlcles and lines where I hope to go. I am meeting my dear friend Joseph in Mumbai and we plan to brave the country together.