Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A long awaited update

I know I have not written in forever, but there has been so many things going on here, and i didn't want to write until everything was finalized and I have told my friends and family first.

I'm getting married!

Technically Muscles still has to speak to my dad and properly propose to me WESTERN style (and by that I don't mean cowboy) I mean like at home in Canada. But we did the Indian formalities, and got his parents blessing first, which you would think is the most difficult thing, but no. We then had to speak to Muscles two elder uncles. His Dad's brothers. if we would have gone ahead with the wedding without their blessing it is very possible they would have disowned Muscles family.

But all went well and the wedding date is set for April 5th. Things happen exceedingly fast here. Sadly, my family will not be able to attend, but we will have a reception and small ceremony once we go to Canada.

We'll be having a traditional Indian Muslim wedding, with me wearing traditional Deccani (which means Hyderabadi) Muslim wedding dress. Here are the pics of a Khada Dupatta, and I am also hoping to get a colour similar to that in the picture. I am not converting, and I do not have to, as it is fine by Muslim law for a man to marry a Christian. Although, I know the family wants me to consider it in the future. Muscles has never asked me to convert, but he has asked me to learn about his religion and keep an open mind, which I feel I have done. His religion is very important to him. And for those who know me, will know I do not follow religion too strictly, although i do feel I am spiritual, and believe in God.

So that's the news. We're busy planning, and getting guest lists together. I'm supposed to go shopping soon for my bridal dress. Apparently I'll be given lots of jewels to wear on my wedding day. HAHA.

I swear I never do anything normal. Once an adventurer, always an adventurer.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The new roomie

Well you all want the dirt, but really there's not much dirt to tell. He's a mid-twenty American from Colorado but lived all over the United States including Alaska. He's a theatre major so he's creative and outgoing.
He seems pretty cool so far, and luckily he isn't one of those guys that just sticks in his room and hides. He actually lived in Bangalore for 6 months working with a mission in various slums. So he's been to India before, loves the culture, the people, the food and the lifestyle.
He also cooks and so far seems really clean!!

Actually I admit, I'm enjoying the company, it's nice to have someone to talk to all the time, and also split the bills with. Always a bright side. HEHE

I guess stay tuned for more, it's only been a couple of days, but I've already taken him out to meet friends and to dinner, and today we went grocery shopping, him sitting behind me on the scooter. HAHA

Good times!!!