Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family events and feeling single

There are so many family events that I have to attend, they are usually for people I barely know, or a distant relative, or a a cousin's friend wedding. The protocol for such events are weird, and I am expected to attend with the entire family. A few weeks ago it was a wedding, last night it was a bismilah (more on that later), and tonight it is an aqueeqa for a 2 year old girl.
Last night's function was for a 4pr 5 year old boy, and the party was held because he would start learning to read the Quran. The Quran is in Arabic and therefore the boy would most likely need lessons in Arabic from a tutor or perhaps from his own parents. This religious event could possibly mirror a Christians first communion when they begin to accept the Eucharist.

The events are all very very similar, they are usually held in a function hall, you dress up in traditional Indian attire (sarees and salwar kameez) for women and (kurta pyjama) for men. The difference with Muslim events is that they are usually segregated. Which means I arrive at the event with my husband, daughter and in-laws, and I go into a separate room with my mother and sister-in-law and daughter and my husband and father-in-law go into a separate room. Every event usually involves a stage of some kind, whether is be the bride sitting up there or the 5 year old boy, etc... And then afterwards, you go into a room where the dinner is served. These functions all happen after 8pm and you don't usually eat until 10pm, and most happen on weekdays.
Now I really dislike these functions because they feel cold and impersonal. I remember as a little girl, my parents getting dressed up and going out together, and in my mind that vision did not include them going into separate rooms. It entailed a fun night out for them where they could bond and spend time together. So that is why I hate these functions. Yasmine and I are usually the dog and pony show, where we are starred at all night. It's uncomfortable and having my husband with me would make it easier.
But, that is the life we live over here, and there is not much I can do about it. The functions don't happen all the time, and they seem to happen all at once. One more function to go tonight........

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yasmine talking

This is Yasmine talking to her toys!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yasmine's Aqeeqa


On Sunday we had Yasmine's aqeeqa, which is actually the name that is given to the goat that is sacrificed in the baby's honour. In Christianity you have baptism, and in Islam there is this. Yasmine was also supposed to get her head shaved as well, but it was my choice not to have this done. It provided a little bit of controversy in the extended family (not my in-laws), they were quite supportive actually. The idea behind shaving the head is that it removes harm from the baby, the hair should be weighed and whatever the weight an equal amount of money or gold should be distributed to the poor. The hair should then be buried to prevent evil. I had quite a few heated discussions with my husband about this, but in the end he chose to support me.
I never had my head shaved, and I am pretty sure I am doing ok (no evil spirits or ill-health). I guess it is all a matter of belief.

We invited about 70 people, and most of these were family from my father-on-laws side. We booked a caterer and enjoyed a meal of chicken curry and mutton byriani. The mutton was the goat that was sacrificed in Yasmine's honour! We also had kubani for dessert which is stewed sweet apricot with ice cream. It's one of my favourites!

Yasmine got money and a few outfits for her aqeeqa and was the guest of honor! the best part was that I was able to dress her in a beautiful pink dress that my aunt Diane and uncle Fred bought her that resembles a ballerina's tutu. It's gorgeous and she looked beautiful!
She was passed around a lot to many different people, and she was trouper, but got tired quickly and was getting a little annoyed with being passed around so much.

It was a beautiful celebration of her birth!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Adjusting to life as a mom in Hyderabad

Life sure is different here as a mom, not different bad or good, just different. I spent 2 months at home after I had Yasmine, and luckily my dad is very hands on and was the perfect helper. It also didn't hurt that I didn't so much as have to lift a finger. He cooked the meals, cleaned the house, and all I had to do was tend to my daughter. Now mind you the tending was not easy. She was jaundice the first few weeks and needed constant feedings to get rid of it. Now jaundice makes you sleepy so it was a chore to get her to wake up for those feedings.

Now that I am back with my husband life sure has gotten busier for me. He works a lot of hours and is studying a .net course as well, so it leaves me a lot of time at home to get things done. Mopping, sweeping, cooking, taking care of Yasmine, etc.... I am definitely busy, but it's a good busy. I am so thankful to get to be at home raising her. Here women only get three months off of work, so that would mean I would be going back to work next week. Yikes!! I couldn't even imagine it. I know women do it all the time, but coming from Canada where we get a year off, it seems like 3 months is unfair!

A few great things have happened: One is that I am now driving the car. I was driving a scooter before I got married and pregnant, and I adjusted to that, but for some reason a car seemed so much more daunting. However, it is not as bad as it looks. We drive on the left side of the road here, so i had to adjust to gearing with my left hand on the stick shift. It has given me so much independence and I cam come and go as i please with Yasmine. Also I have met a great group of girls, mothers actually who are foreign to Indian (Americans, a Belgian, a Swiss, two Japanese) who have had babies here. A few of them are married to Indians while the rest are here with their husbands who are working. Meeting these women have given me some inside scoop on where to find import baby products, or cool clothes, or just to hang out have tea and talk about being a mom in India. The best part is all the babies are almost the same age. I think the eldest baby is 4 months. It's nice to know Yasmine will have some play companions in the next 6 months when she start to be more interactive.

Yasmine is trying to talk a lot and is a VERY happy little girl. She smiles right when she opens her eyes and hears my voice and laughs out loud in her sleep. I'd like to think she is seeing my mom. I also think she is looking more and more like me everyday, and it makes my heart swell!! I'm so in love with my little girl!!!

Tomorrow is her Aqeeqa which is a Muslim celebration of birth, so stay tuned for pictures and more about this celebration!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bakrid: Goat sacrificing

I woke up on Saturday November 28th to the sound of goats (what sound do goats make) baaing I guess. I could hear it throughout the colony we live in. It was Bakrid the Islamic celebration of sacrificing goats!
The history behind it stems from the Old testament (for Christians) and in the Quran for Muslims. Prophet Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Ishmael at God's command. However, God told Abraham to sacrifice a goat (lamb, camel or cow) instead. A goat is usually purchased for each member of the family (depending on your financial situation), and must be healthy and conscious, and must be male (so as to not sacrifice a pregnant animal and to allow reproduction). Then a butcher is called to the house to cut the meat and it is split into three equal parts, one for the poor, one for relatives and one for the family.
Goody bags resembling western birthday goody (and made specifically for this occasions) bags are then filled with meat and distributed. Less fortunate people come and knock on your door all day to collect their raw meat.
Also a feast of meat is prepared for breakfast of the organs (liver, heart, kidneys), and then a huge lunch that also includes the brain and intestines (in our family at least). No part of the animal goes to waste. I did not eat any of the organs or other bits and pieces. My stomach just can't handle that first thing in the morning (or ever really). Apparently I have heard from many people that the brain is quite delicious. Ah, no thanks.
I also made a dish of mutton (goat meat) for the lunch. I marinated the mutton in ginger garlic paste, balsamic vinegar, soya sauce, worchester sauce, lime and salt and pepper then cooked it in the steamer with tomatoes. I was told by numerous members of the family (uncles and aunts) and Muscles friends that it was their favourite dish!!

I told my mother-in-law that it seemed like this was a celebration for the men and work for the women, as she was working in the kitchen from 8am until late into the night and again the next day. She laughed and wholeheartedly agreed with me!

It was an interesting celebration and a learning experience, and quite a literal interpretation from the Quran.
Eid Mubarak to all!!! (happy celebrations)!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm....

One of the girls told me something at the Hyderabad mommy and babies group on Monday that was really interesting, she said that the reason babies tend to look like their fathers right after birth is because it is a way to reassure the father that the baby is his, since you know it is definitely the woman's if she has just given birth to it.
It's funny because Yasmine looked so much like her daddy when she was born I repeatedly said, she looks nothing like me, but I know she is mine!! Now she is starting to look more like me, but I guess that's ok now because Muscles knows Yasmine is his. HAHAHA. I guess being married to the person is not enough reassurance that the baby is the fathers.

Too funny, but definitely food for thought!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The reunion and my dad’s visit to India

Junayd, Yasmine and I just dropped my dad and Fred off at the airport to catch their flight back to Toronto. It has been an emotionally charged week, with a reunion, my dad meeting my husband, and my in-laws, adjusting to life that is India and then saying goodbye.

Having Junayd meet his daughter for the first time was an amazing experience, he instantly feel in love with her and has not been able to keep his eyes off of her. Although he loved her because she was his daughter, meeting her, touching her, smelling her and hearing her amazing sounds never did justice an ocean apart. The pictures just do not do justice to how lovely and sweet this little one is.

We had a nice week, did some shopping for Yasmine (bought a bottle sterilizer, a comfy little chair for her to sit in and some clothes. My dad and Fred could not get over the traffic in Hyderabad! I think if you were to ask them what shocked them the most, it would be that. But they handled themselves with grace and kept an open mind about their experience. I have to say I am impressed and really proud of them.

Of course Yasmine was the star with my in-laws falling head over heels in love with her! They couldn’t stop taking pictures, kissing and hugging her. My dad also really liked my in-laws and I think it has put his mind at ease knowing he was leaving me in good hands. Most importantly, my dad and my husband Muscles got along well.

It was hard to do a lot of sightseeing because Muscles is taking a programming course during the mornings and working until 130am, so I was the guide and we didn’t go too far as we also had Yasmine. I took them on their first auto rickshaw ride, with Yasmine in her carrier on my dad’s lap. Now you have to understand we go at pretty low speeds. But they enjoyed the ride, I tell you! Fred said a number of times how he almost crapped his pants!! For an 85 year old he was certainly a trouper!!

Once the weekend came, I took them to the Taj Krishna, a 5 star hotel and one of the nicest in Hyderabad for lunch and meet some of my girlfriends. Fred and my dad enjoyed the continental food too –no Indian food for them!! Not that they are fussy eaters, but spice just does not agree with both of them. Fred especially enjoyed my mother-in-laws tea, which is cardamom based! My dad even enjoyed a cup or two!!

On Sunday my father-in-law took Fred and my dad out to do some sight seeing, as he felt they could not leave Hyderabad only seeing the posh malls I took them too (HAHA). He took them to old city which has the most traffic, the most people and probably the most pollution! They went a museum, a park, and then later in the evening Muscles, my sister-in-law and I took them to see the seven tombs! I never brought my camera so once my dad figures out how to extract them off his memory card I’ll post some.

My mother-in-law also went all out to cook them a feast of non-spicy Indian food, so that they could at least get an idea of the kind of food we eat here. She made chicken biryani, beef cutlets, a beef stir-fry, and fried potatoes. And for dessert they had gone to a nice sweet shop and served gulab jammun which is like donut holes (timbits) in a sugary glazed sauce. The meal was a success!! Of course my mother-in-law cooked all afternoon to please her guests, and please them she did!!

On their last day in Hyderabad we just spent the day chilling out, and my dad spent time with Yasmine, as he wouldn’t see her in a long time. It was really hard to say good bye, as my father has been a huge help in my life since I had Yasmine. I lost my mother and became a mother in the span of 11 days, and not having my husband there with me was so difficult. But my dad was there for me and Yasmine through it all. The labour (though not the pushing part), sleepless nights, her first laugh, her first bath, and the long 17 hour journey back to India! Yasmine has been important in my dad’s life and has helped him to heal, and although I know my life is with my husband, saying good bye was especially hard, mostly because of our circumstances, and losing my mom. My dad always said that Yasmine was the new woman in his life! Even though she will continue to hold that special place in his heart, it will be done from afar!

I will be sure that Yasmine knows how much her grandfather loves her and how much she means to him and everything he has done to make her transition from Canada to India as easy as possible!!

I hope my dad comes back to visit and stays longer than a week next time!! I know he has to move on with the next phase of his life, a new path that he never expected to take, but life has to go on!

Yasmine will miss the early morning hang out sessions with Granddad, as mommy slept, watching hockey night in Canada with granddad and of course getting burped by Granddad, as he always managed to get the stubborn burps out!!

Thanks for everything dad!!! You are a wonderful father and grandfather, and I’ll never forget how much you have helped me!! We’ll see you really soon and until then, we’ll skype and get to see each other on video!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The most beautiful thing I heard in a long time....

I haven't been motivated to write in a long time, but while i was sitting upstairs, I overheard my father speaking to my 2 month old daughter and he said the most beautifully moving thing, that I wanted to write it down so as to never forget it.
On Monday we fly to India, and as you all know my mom passed away 2 months ago. So my dad was having a chat with Yasmine and he said to her:
"On Monday when we fly to go and meet your daddy, maybe we'll see your nanny, because we'll be so close to heaven."

I love you and miss you mom, and on Monday night, Yasmine and I will be looking out of the airplane window and up into the heavens for you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome Yasmine Rose

Dear fellow readers,
Sorry for the disappearing act for the last few months, but those who know me, family and friends you all know the story. For those of you who are random readers, I came back to Canada to have my baby because my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I was 34 weeks pregnant and flew half away around the world to be with my family. My husband was my biggest supporter and made sure I left as soon as possible to be with my mom.
Sadly, she passed away on September 6th, 11 days before her granddaughter Yasmine Rose was born.
But this post is not about losing my mother, because I am not ready to write about that yet. The feelings are still very raw and new, and sometimes I think i am still in denial.
This post is about my daughter, Muscles and my daughter. She was born on September 17th, at 37 and half weeks. I had the support of my Aunt Anita and her daughter, my cousin Sheila in the room with me. They were amazing coaches and took my husbands place. My dad was also in and out of the room supporting me through the labour. i was in labour a total of 15 hours, but only about 6 of those hours were hard constant labour. Yasmine Rose was born at 4;45pm and weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces. She's perfect!
I plan to head back to India in about a month or so after I get all the paperwork done and after my sister has her baby.

Yasmine has been a blessing in our life, and has helped us heal from the death of my mother. She has no idea what her birth has done for us, and what her presence has meant for all of us, my dad, my aunts, my cousins, and my sister and I. One day when she is older she will understand the magnitude of her birth and timing of her being born. She was born the day before my parents were to celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary.
Here are some pictures of her birth and a few weeks after.

minutes old

First hair wash

mama and yasmine

leaving the hospital

At aunty Shar's and Uncle Tim's place

Monday, August 10, 2009

some weird pregnancy myths.....

I feel like I am living in the twilight zone over here sometimes with the things people tell me not to do during pregnancy, or what I should do. Some of this stuff I have NEVER heard in my life, and it's quite unsettling. I met an American mid-wife here working in a hospital and she has been great to talk to to clear the air on some of the superstitions/ideas. She also told me that Indians look at pregnancy as more of an illness or condition and that Indian women are much less active during pregnancy than western women.

Here is some of the list of things that have been said to me, or advised of me during my pregnancy:
  • Don't eat papaya as it will cause a spontaneous abortion
  • Do not drink cold water as it will give the baby asthma (I have a hard time drinking room temperature water and always bring a bottle of frozen water to work so it lasts for hours)
  • I shouldn't be walking or taking the stairs in my condition (pregnancy is a condition)?
  • During a solar or lunar eclipse, a pregnant woman should not be outside and should only lay flat and not move for those 2 hours. Going to the bathroom is out of the question, making food (chopping or cutting of any kind). The result is if you cut food, the baby will be born missing a limb or finger, or have a cleft palate, or could have some kind pf permanent birthmark on their body. There was an eclipse 3 weeks ago I think. Luckily it was between 5:30am-7:30am and I was asleep anyway. My pregnant boss (who recently had her baby) sent me home early from work to make sure I was home and ready to sleep by 4am!! I work night shift.
  • During the 8th month (weeks 32-35) I should be extra careful no running, no stress, nothing that could cause me to go into labour basically, because babies born in the 8th month don't live! (HOW MORBID IS THIS)? This is straight from my mother-in-laws mouth. She said babies born in the 7th and 9th month are fine, but not the 8th. When I told her it was a stupid superstition she freaked out and was like no, it's medical!! WTF?
  • After a baby is born, a woman must stay home for 40 days (not 30 not 39 but 40 days, and do limited amounts of activity (not much reading or watching television) because it will affect your health in the future. My friend just told me this (she had her baby 11 days ago) and then she asked me, do women do this in the west? I was like, never heard of this IN MY LIFE!!! I am not staying home for 40 days unless I'm too sick to move!!! and I am certainly not going to stop reading and watching television!!
  • Also during the 40 days the baby should not leave the house for fear of the evil eye. People will send evil thoughts and put curses on the baby because they are jealous of how cute it is. Apparently people think Muscles and my baby will be really cute (of course it will) and have told me very seriously to be careful about the evil eye, and to keep the baby at home and to put kajal (black kohl) on it's face or eyes so people don't get envious of the cuteness of the baby. For GOD'S sake. Are you kidding me. The worst thing is that my husband actually believes this.
So that is about it, I might be forgetting something, because i have had all sorts of crap thrown at me since i got pregnant and been living in India. Some of it is interesting to hear from a cultural stand point, but when you're pregnant and already worried that you're doing everything right for the baby, then you have some of this crap spewed at you it just makes for a very confusing time and can be very frustrating!
I am now 32 weeks pregnant, and am so anxious and excited than soon I'll be able to meet this little feisty boy or girl that has been inside me! But I also wonder what new and interesting things will come up on how to deal with a newborn in India, then how to deal with a toddler, etc. I am sure there will be lots of new anecdotes, superstitions and advice thrown my way. Should be interesting to say the least!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Muscles and I went away on the weekend, there aren't too many places to go that isn't too far outside of Hyderabad, so we chose Nagarjuna Sagar, which is a waterfall in the closest thing to wilderness you'll find so close to the city. We drove, and it took about 4 hours (and it is only about 200km) outside of the city.
The waterfall has pretty much dried up, but after the monsoon there should be a lot more water. But for us it was just the point of getting away more than seeing a waterfall, I mean come on, I've been to the Niagara Falls so many times in my life, no other waterfall could really do it justice (ok yes there are a few others that could in South America I think), but really, it was just about getting away.

Not much to write about, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

A tree growing withing a tree

28 weeks pregnant

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are you a wife or a slave?

A girl I work with recently got married. She is 30 years old and her family never thought it would happen for her. Her marriage was arranged and she met the guy a few times before the wedding. Before I go on to tell you the story, I want to say she is very very happy, mostly to be married, but she also seems to care about the man she married, and perhaps soon she will come to love him.
But with arranged marriages, communication can be a problem, there are so many expectations, and getting to know each other, and trying to please one another. This girl Celine, has taken a liking to me, she always asks for my advice, and it's probably because I tell it to her like it is (for me from a westerners perspective). Here is a conversation I had with her recently:

Me: So once you get home from work what do you do? (she would get home around 10:30pm)
Celine: I have to cook for my husband, he waits for me to get home from work.
Me: Oh, OK, do you have to cook every night?
Celine: (looking puzzled) of course, don't you cook for your husband everyday?
Me: (laughing) No, I don't cook for my husband everyday, when i cook it's for me AND my husband and I do it when I have the time and when I feel like it.
Celine: Oh, that's sweet
Me: So what time do you sleep and get up?
Celine: I sleep around 1am and, well my husband gets up at 5am to go to the gym and he likes it when I get up with him to make him his tea.
Me: At 5am??
Celine: Yes, he says I should get used to getting up early to get my work done around the house.
Me: Man, I feel so lucky. My husband gets up before me and always tells me to go back to sleep and rest.
Celine: it's probably because of your condition
Me: My condition?
Celine: You know you're pregnant
Me: No, no, no, it's just I'm not a slave. Sweetie, when you got married did you become a wife or a slave?
Celine: (laughing) it's just Indian culture
Me: No it isn't. My father-in-law gets up for 4:30 am prayers and makes his own tea, so I know wit's not all culture.

So that was my conversation with Celine, but guess what? She told her husband about our conversation, and her husband told her she didn't have to get up, he thought she liked getting up and making his tea (duh). So when i saw her the next day she said to me that she felt so fresh because she had slept for 7 hours and didn't have to get up to make tea. I told her arranged marriages were the same as "love" marriages in that you needed to have communication and understanding, so that she should speak to her husband if something makes her uncomfortable
Marriage really is the same no matter where in the world you are!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The baby belly

Here is me pregnant at 24 weeks preggo!!! The first trimester was one of the worst things I've ever been through, no throwing up, but constant 24/7 nausea! The 2nd trimester has been a wonderful experience, and now that I am feeling the baby kick and can even see it outside of my belly, I am just amazed at the life growing inside me and super excited.
The best was when my husband finally felt our little one kick. I think it definitely helped him to bond with our baby!!

So here I am!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Need a spouse: Look no further than the classifieds!

Now that I live in the apartment on top of my in-laws I have access to all their newspapers subscriptions. It's nice to be able to keep up with the Bollywood scene and the news scene. However, one day I was going through the newspaper and came across a 2 page spread of " the matrimonial section." One page was girl looking for guy, and the other page was guy looking for girl. But you see, it's not what you'd expect. The main points of interest are the colour of the girls or guy's skin (fair skinned girl seeking fair skinned guy) or (wheat-ish skin boy seeks fair skin girl). Marrying someone fair is important here, so I guess my husband did well, you can't get much fairer than me! HAHA.

Anyway, yesterday, my husband was on the computer typing something out and i asked him what he was typing and he said that his uncle has been trying to find a husband for his daughter for the last year, and so he was typing up her matrimonial bio to give to potential suitors. Muscles cousin is 19 years old and the father is starting to feel desperate that he won't find a husband for her. Geesh!
So I wanted to share with you what a matrimonial bio looks like. I asked Muscles if I could post it, and he thought it would be funny to share.

Matrimonial Bio-Data

Name:- Salma Begum

Age:- 19 Years (1990)

Height:- 5’ 5’’

Complexion:- Fair

Religion:- Islam (Sunni Muslim)

Qualification:- B. Com (Final Year)

Madina Degree College


Fathers Name:- Esa Khan


Pharmacare Laboratories P.Ltd

Pattedar Village Akhunchaguda Dist. Medak

Grand Father:- Late Mohammed Khan Sahab

(Paternal) Ex-Pattedar Village Akhunchaguda Dist. Medak

Grand Father:- Late Mohammed Abdul Wahab Sahab

(Maternal) Retd. Deputy Collector

Uncles:- Mehmood Khan

(Paternal) Pattedar Village Akhunchaguda Dist. Medak

Yahya Khan

Pattedar Village Akhunchaguda Dist. Medak

Uncles:- Ahmed Abdul Waheed

(Maternal) Retd. Deputy Director,

Directorate of Geology and Mining,


Ahmed Abdul Rasheed

Retd. Field Manager,



Khaja Ismail Ahmed

Managing Director,

Pharmacare Laboratories P.Ltd


Sheik Ishaq Ahmed

Sr. Executive Manager,

Haji-Hussain Ali-Reza,


Rafat Siddiqui


S.B.I (Head Office)

Saleem Qureshi

Branch Manager,

S.B.H (Masab Tank)

Brother:- Adil Mohammed Khan

B.Tech (Completed)

Al Habeeb College of Engg. & Tech.

Interesting to note that Muscles cousin isn't really that fair, but putting that she is will increase her suitors. And also, see that there is very little written about her, and more about the kind of family she comes from and the jobs that the men in her family have or have had. Also notice that there is no information about her mother, or her sister, just her uncles, father and brother.
I`m really open to cultures, and I try my best to understand and accept, but arranged marriages and misogyny is still very very hard for me to wrap my head around.
For instance, one of Muscles friends (who really isn`t his friend anymore) told me he knew my baby was a boy. (note: We are not finding out the sex and keeping it a surprise) I replied, why does it matter? And he said well prophets are men, and so it does matter. So I told him I was going home to pray for a girl. Seriously, I can`t handle stuff like that. Muscles and I just hope and pray for a healthy baby, whatever the sex.

So there you have it, if you are looking for a spouse in India, just open up with The Indian Times, you'll have loads of people to select from!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Shower pics

When I visited home my mom along with my aunts and cousins threw me a baby shower, since I would be having the baby in India and not coming back to Canada until months after the baby is born. Everyone was really gracious and I got a lot of clothes for the baby but also money to buy the things I need here in India.

Here are a few pics of that wonderful day!!

NB: Also the most amazing, and crazy thing of all, is that my sister and her husband are also expecting... 3 weeks after me!!! My parents are in a wonderland of grandchildren, and couldn't be happier. In early Feb they had no grandchildren then by March they were expecting 2!!! Amazing!!! it's amazing going through this at the same time as my sister who is 20 weeks along now. It's just too bad I am so far away. Thank you VIDEO SKYPE!!!

My sister (who is beside me) and her husband bought this for the baby. How appropriate!

My cloth diapers (which is so much more environmentally friendly)

My amazing grandmother!! Who is 85, can you believe it!

My two long time friends Kim and Shelley who is pregnant with her third!

My cousins Sydney who made me a special collage of pictures and bought me my baby book along with my two other cousins Summer and Taylor (not pictured)

My amazing friends Amanda, Kim, my wonderful mom and cousin Sheila

I'm BACK!!!

It's been way way too long since I last posted, but for obvious reasons! I got married, went back to Canada for the a too short visit. Came back to India and had to set up our new apartment. Muscles and I had to buy everything for our place, so between working, and shopping and bartering so we were quite busy. Plus, I didn't have Internet until late last week.

I'll post some pictures of my wedding and my baby shower, YES that's right I'm pregnant. Most of you know this by now and others who I know in the blog world (my dear blogger friends Amy, Amanda and Jen) this will be news to you. I started my 6th month yesterday and all is well. I'm due October 4th!!

So I'll leave you with some pics of my wedding and baby shower, then I'll just pick up from where I left off, and tell you about married life in India while expecting a baby. Still adventures of a wanderlust, but more like a wanderlust mommy!!

I'm glad to be back!!!

Getting Mehendi done the day before the ceremony

My Mehendi

My sister-in-law helping to get me dressed

Karen, Laurie and my mehendi and bangles. Mine is the arm with the copper bangles

Karen and I
Little Ayesha (a friend of the family and me)

Exchanging our rings

My dear friend Laurie who came to India for the wedding (with Karen) and also to see India too ;)

On our throne

My lovely friends and new husband

My new family (little Ayesha just wanted to be in the pic and the lady in white is my father-in laws sister)My

My mother-in-law (the day after ceremony called the valima (pronounced walima)