Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is almost embarrassing...

It's just been so long since I last posted, I think almost 7 months, and I know it's not for a lack of content. As there is always something interesting going on in my life, or just living in India. I think maybe I have just been un-inspired.

I've decided I'm not going to re-cap the last 6 months, because that would be boring and pointless, and I think from this point forward I am going to just move forward.

The biggest news, that most people know, but not all who are strangers who read this, and I know there are a few, is that I am pregnant again and almost 31 weeks pregnant. We're having this baby mid-October and once again the sex will be a surprise! It's almost a bit of a deja-vu moment for me, and a little emotional because I am only 2 weeks off the timeline of my first pregnancy, and 2 years ago on August 20th, my birthday, I found out my mom had terminal cancer, and I had to fly home at 34 weeks pregnant to see my mom before she died.
So, this time around, I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy without the weight of something so tragic happening in my life, and I want this time to focus on me and our baby.

Giving birth in India, in no way scares me, and I have a GREAT dr. whom I am very happy with. She did her MD in the UK and worked in Michigan for a few years and now she is the head of the gynecology department at a good neonatal hospital. The best part is, I have had 3 friends JUST give birth at this same hospital, 2 of them in May and one of them 3 weeks ago. Two of them had the same dr. as me and all had healthy, natural births. Plus there have been a number of friends who have given birth there in the last year or two.

Anyway, so moving forward, I hope to write a few times a week so I can keep people informed back home, and also I think it's a good avenue for stress relief and just sharing my life in India, because yes there will be lots of interesting stories to come out of living here.

But life is good...I'm happy and fulfilled and now just awaiting for the birth of our second baby so that my family will be complete and I can close that chapter in my life (being pregnant). I'm ready to lose the baby weight, move forward raising happy healthy children and focusing on what comes next.

So stay tuned..I promise there won't be a 6 month gap this time.


Struggling said...

Glad you are back to blogging :)
Love Maria

Why am I here??? said...

That's so exciting Shelley. Post belly shots please! Are you still working? Is there mat. leave in India?

And yes, let's jump on this weight loss bandwagon together. I'm here to support even if we live on other sides of the world.

Looking forward to more updates and hoping it will be next week (not next year...haha, just buggin')

Anonymous said...

Good to see you are back at it Shelley..I always check just in case....hope you are feeling good and I can't wait to see pics of your new little baby once he/she is born...Miss you and give Yasmine and big hug and kiss for me.
Kim (-:

Elaine said...

Shelley, congratulations. Very exciting.
Elaine (Pam's mom)

Shelley said...

Jenn- Nope I am not working, just a stay at home mom for now, which I love and is the most important job I have ever had.
There is Mat leave here, but it is like the States, you can get anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months off depending in the company. That would suck. There is no way I could leave my 6 week old to go back to work!!! We are so lucky in Canada!!